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When does the CSA program start?

Our CSA program typically starts in the 2nd week of June, with the first veggie boxes going out on Tuesdays and Fridays of that week. We may shift the start dates if the weather has been unfavourable, but this has been a pretty reliable start time.

What do I get in my share each week?

CSA weekly shares consist of 7-10 veggies chosen by your farmers, and are a mix of staples and specialty crops that you often won't see anywhere else. Check out some examples of what we grow here. We aim to put certain very popular crops in almost every share that goes out when they are available, such as greens, carrots, broccoli, or fruits.

How will I know what's in my share each week?

We'll send out a newsletter to CSA members every Saturday and Wednesday (depending on your delivery day) which will tell you what's in your share for that week. This sometimes changes due to lower yields than expected or weather issues, but we can expect about 80% accuracy with our projected harvests. We'll also open up your private online store in case you want to add anything extra to your share for that week. You'll have 2 days to customize and we'll bring any additional online orders with us for delivery days. 

Which size should I get: Full or Half?

Full shares go out weekly, and with $28 of veggies on average, this is a good size for couples who eat a lot of veggies (5-7 days/week) or families. The half share is great for singles or couples. Most of our veggies will last for 10-14days if stored well (we'll help with this!) so it often lasts until the next delivery. 

Do I get to choose what goes into my share?

The farmers will choose the base items that go into your share each week, but we will always have extra produce at our pick-up sites that folks can swap out at no extra charge, if there's something in their share they don't like. CSA members can also add items to their shares from their private online store before pick-up day, if there's something specific they want for that week. This is a good option for home deliveries, as they can't swap out items at pick-up sites.

Please note that shares are lighter in the first 3-4 weeks due to lower variety available at that time in the season, but we track weekly values and make sure that your shares are heavier for the rest of the season!

How do pick-ups work?

If you are picking up Tuesdays, we will be set up for CSA members and our regular market customers by 2PM. We have our regular market table up for sales, and CSA members have a separate tent with tables of totes and produce. You pick what goes into your share (we'll have signage up to tell you what to take!) and then there will be a "swap" bin for CSA members to leave something they don't like and take something they do. If you ordered more from the online store, we'll have this pre-packed for you. If you want to pick up Fridays, we prepack these shares because we don't have enough room for the extra tent and bins. You just give us a wave and your name, and we'll grab it for you. 


We'll always have boxes with us at pick-ups but we appreciate CSA members bringing their own bags or totes with them! 

Can I skip weeks during the season?

Yes! You can skip up to 3 weeks/season through our website, and the value is credited to your account. If you miss a pick-up, we will bring your items back to the farm with us and put them in the cooler to bring to the next pick-up. If you miss a Tuesday for example, we can hold it until the market on Friday. You just need to get in touch with us to let us know you'll come by to get it. If we don't hear from you, we will donate the share, and missed shares are not refunded or credited.

Is the produce I get always certified organic?

All of our produce (from Puddle Produce Farm) will be certified organic. We usually purchase produce (about 2-5% of our total offerings) that is not cost-effective for us to grow ourselves, from other local producers whom we know well and trust, but may not be certified. These crops are usually potatoes, garlic, and rainbow carrots. They are packaged separately to meet organic regulations.

What if there's bad weather on pick-up days?

We will do out best to let CSA members know in advance if we're going to make alternate arrangements for share pick-ups. If we get slammed by a thunderstorm out of the blue and need to pack up, we apologize in advance for the inconvenience! And would be in touch about an alternative - likely a next day pick-up.

Cancellation Policy

We want CSA members to get the value they deserve and need out of their investment. So we will offer refunds for any remaining value if someone isn't happy, or needs to move out of the region. Please let us know as soon as you can. 

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