Our Story

Puddle Produce started like many new, young farmers these days: on a bike! 

Relocating from Victoria, BC, Puddle Produce launched in March of 2013 as a lease-based, multi-locational urban farm operation. That season, Puddle Produce started with 4,500 square feet of yard space within city limits and converted it all to productive garden beds. Landowners were compensated with weekly produce shares, and the remainder was sold through the Williams Lake Farmers Market, direct sales, and retail. 


2016 was a big year for Puddle Produce: we wanted to expand our offerings and transform a rural property into a super-productive, sustainable farm. So operations were relocated to a 70 acre property in the Soda Creek region, 40kms north of Williams Lake.  

As of 2019, Puddle Produce Farm is obtaining organic certification and expanding its CSA program to accommodate more members. Our goal is to make buying local produce as easy as possible, so more people can access healthy, equitably-grown food that invests in them and their community.

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Our Mission

To provide a healthy, local, organic, & diverse alternative to our only other sources of food. We want to grow as much of this food for as many people as possible in our community, at reasonable prices that can support educational and satisfying farm jobs for seasonal employees in a sector that is the future of farming. We want to make buying local the easy choice, by providing as much convenience as possible, and creating value in the form of the highest quality produce available. We want to do all of this while living a healthy, humble, and honest life, and giving back to those around us.  


As a CSA member, you get a variety of vegetables from the farm every week for the entire season, right to your door or for pick-up.