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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a direct customer/farmer relationship that is similar to a shareholder agreement. Purchasing a farm share at the beginning of the season is an investment in the farm and CSA members are given a share of the harvest every week throughout the season, for their commitment. This allows farms to plan the growing season around their customers' needs, and gives CSA members the freshest, highest-quality produce available. CSA programs are a great way to build communities around local food!

Puddle Produce Farm has a weekly vegetable box program (CSA) starting in June and ending in October. Customers who purchase a CSA share get a box of veggies every week during the program.
  • get your box delivered right to your door, or pick up from the Williams Lake Farmers' Market 2 days/week

  • choose between 2 frequencies: weekly (16 weeks total) or bi-weekly (9 weeks total)

  • check back here in March for availability!



how does

a csa membership work?

1. Choose your Farm "share"

When you buy a CSA share, you are purchasing a share of the farm's production for that season. So you're a big deal! You play a huge part in making the farm's season successful, by providing much needed support before the season starts, and being paid back in the farm's bounty. 

We use a Canadian-based software called Local Line to manage our CSA members' shares, and online orders. There are 2 share sizes: full (weekly) and half (bi-weekly). You also get access to a CSA Member-only price list on Local Line to add "a la carte" items to your weekly or bi-weekly deliveries.

2. Choose How to Receive Your Box

After you've chosen which share type you'd like, you can choose between 3 options for getting your weekly or bi-weekly veggie box: the Tuesday or Friday Williams Lake Farmers' Market, or work/home delivery​

3. Prepare Your Tastebuds

We want you to love the local veggies you get each week, and try new things while not overwhelming dinner time. So we want to do whatever we can to make it fun, easy, and totally worth it!

You'll receive 7-10 items in your share each delivery, depending on the time of year and your share type. You'll receive an email a few days before shares go out, to let you know what's in the box for that week, and to check out the online store in case you want to add any additional veggies, or other local products exclusive to CSA members. In that email, you get updates on the farm and any recipes or prep ideas we can share for the veggies you're getting that week. 

We want CSA members to feel like they are truly part of their local farm...without all the weeding!

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