A couple of modest farm helpers hiding b
A couple of modest farm helpers hiding b

join the team!

All positions for the 2022 season are now filled!


There are also volunteer opportunities on the farm. Please feel free to get in touch if you're into that.

Gain experience in planting, harvesting, greenhouse maintenance, and all other things small-scale farming!

paying a 


If the farm is doing well enough to provide full-time seasonal work, it is because it is supported by a great team. As such, it is very important to me to pay that team a fair wage. I strongly believe in not only improving the conditions of modern-day farm work but also providing a wage that can support a decent quality of life. There are many reasons that the provincial minimum wage does not succeed in doing this.

The most recent Living Wage calculation for our region is $16.50 so we are committed to paying this wage at the very minimum, to our farm staff. In addition, we aim to divert their costs of living as much as possible with free veggies and affordable accommodations and utilities while working on the farm. 


As a female entrepreneur and solo farmer, I also feel very strongly about supporting female new entrant farmers. I want every woman interested in small-scale sustainable agriculture to feel 100% confident that - if she has the aptitude for farming & business management - there is no reason she can't succeed. 

For the last 2 farm seasons, our team has been 100% female operated and I am committed to giving motivated and determined women the opportunity to realize their potential.