About The Farm

Puddle Produce has always operated with two goals in mind: growing local produce that is both sustainable and accessible. It does this by using zero chemical inputs or applications, but keeping costs (and prices) competitive, and trying to grow exactly what customers want. We also believe in learning and doing whatever we can to grow responsibly, both for the customer and the environment, and being 100% transparent along the way. As of 2020, the farm obtained certified organic status (NOOA  #04-353). If you ever have any questions about farm practices, or want to visit the farm, please let us know.

The farm is situated on a unique 70 acre property on the Fraser River where it can have much more product variety and biodiversity than it ever has before. The property features a year-round spring, a variable ecosystem with everything from junipers to cottonwoods, and existing infrastructure perfect for a biointensive farm operation. We have approximately 3/4 of an acre cultivated on the upper bench, which includes a 30'x65' unheated greenhouse and propagation house. We then have approximately 1 acre cultivated on a lower bench, closer to the river. We also have productive honey bees on the farm, managed by Bee Happy Honey up the road.

To learn more about how and what kinds of veggies and microgreens you can get with Puddle Produce Farm, check out the Products page, or stay tuned to the facebook page 

The Farmer

Puddle Produce has been owned and operated by Brianna van de Wijngaard since 2013. As an horticulturalist and first-time entrepreneur, she drafted the business plan, planted the seeds, and grew the farm to where it is today, with the help of MANY friends, family, and supporters. 

Brianna van de Wijngaard